A Glimpse Over Time


May 16: At GIRASSOL, the newly equipped facility for training young bakers is inaugurated. In addition, the training facilities for tailors and electricians officially go back into operation following modernization, supported by another significant donation from Sternstunden e.V. for this purpose.


The Förderverein Girassol e.V. moves its office to Langenfeld, Germany.

The Förderverein Girassol e.V. shoots and produces a new short film at and about GIRASSOL


April : The Förderverein Girassol e.V. requests for special donations to help construct a photovoltaic system at GIRASSOL;

BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" supports the project with 40% of the total required amount.

May: The Förderverein Girassol e.V. moves to Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

June 23rd: The new photovoltaic plant at GIRASSOL is inaugurated and goes into operation.


Dec.: A company from Frankfurt launches a crowd-funding campaign in support of GIRASSOL.



Jan 08th: Roswitha Schirmer falls victim to a violent crime in São Paulo. She had worked devotedly for GIRASSOL for over two decades.

June 27th: Inauguration of the SBA GIRASSOL Kids day care center is celebrated.

July 1st: First group of three year olds start at GIRASSOL Kids.

Nov.: The Förderverein Girassol e.V. presents itself with a sales stand at the Hilden Christmas Market in Germany.


June 29th: At the St.-Josef-Church in Langenfeld, Germany a benefit concert for GIRASSOL is given.


Jan. 23rd: Peter Maffay, a famous German rock musician, known for his charity work with children, visits GIRASSOL.


The Förderverein Girassol e.V. shoots and produces a 30-minute film at and about GIRASSOL.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation, the Förderverein Girassol e.V. presents itself in the pedestrian zone of Hilden, Germany.


Sept. 1st: Angelika Pohlman is awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class in São Paulo for her tireless work for GIRASSOL.


VW do Brasil donates a new VW bus to GIRASSOL. Read more in this newspaper article.

March 09th: The Federal President of Germany Horst Köhler and his wife visit GIRASSOL.


With the Danzer legacy, a state-of-the-art kitchen is built and put into operation.

GIRASSOL receives a generous donation from the "American Society", allowing to finance almost completely the construction of  the "playhouse". In the meantime almost 40 home children can be adequately cared for.

A new playroom can be built and equipped, taking into account that it rains now and then even in sunny Brazil!

Dec.: The roofing of the sports area is completed, so GIRASSOL is now independent of weather and also allows us to use the sports area as an "auditorium" for events.


Karl-Heinz Danzer bequeaths € 40.000 to GIRASSOL.


Inauguration of the vocational training center, funded with the donation from "Sternstunden e.V.".

The sports field is handed over for use.


"Sternstunden e.V." provides GIRASSOL with € 250.000 to construct a vocational training center.&

For the first time a psychological service is established at GIRASSOL.

Nov.: An open craft-, play- and work-room is put into operation.


April: About 100 volunteers and employees of "Bayer do Brasil" help develop the new site. Here is a newspaper article from that time.


Michael Krambrock and Gabriele Losse and five other people founded the Förderverein Girassol e.V. to support GIRASSOL.



July: The growing number of children needs another dormitory. At the same time a small "school house" is completed.


Feb.: GIRASSOL continues to grow. Another dormitory and living area with a much improved building structure can be completed and occupied.


Jan: The first permanent house is built on the GIRASSOL premises allowing a move from a simple old hut into 3 small rooms, equipped with proper toilets, a playroom and a kitchen and laundry area.


Angelika Pohlmann and Gabi Schmid founded "Lar Social GIRASSOL", a home for street children.

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