Andreas Krebs (Langenfeld, Germany)
Andreas Krebs and his Brazilian wife have been members of the Förderverein Girassol e.V. for many years and visit São Paulo several times a year, both privately and professionally. Andreas Krebs has lived with his family for over 15 years in South, Central and North America and has worked for international companies.

Andreas Krebs is a self-employed entrepreneur and holds positions on a number of advisory boards.

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Thomas Schmidt

Vice Chairman

Dr. Thomas Schmidt (Braunschweig , Germany)
Thomas Schmidt and his wife have been associated with Förderverein Girassol e.V. for many years. Thomas Schmidt lived in Brazil as a teenager and speaks Portuguese. He has extensive experience working with foundations and aid organizations.

Thomas Schmidt is retired and previously worked in leading positions in the finance area.

Klaus Kirsch


Dr. Klaus Kirsch (Langenfeld, Germany).
Klaus Kirsch and his wife, who comes from Colombia, lived in São Paulo / Brazil until mid-2015 and know the SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro project personally. Klaus Kirsch has lived and worked in several countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. He is fluent in Portuguese.

Klaus Kirsch works as an agronomist for a leading international life science company.

Joerg Vernhalm


Jörg Vernhalm (Siegburg, Germany)
Jörg Vernhalm and his wife have been involved with the Girassol Association for a long time. He is a very good communicator and therefore a valuable ambassador for our cause.

Jörg is now retired, having worked for for a leading pharmaceutical company for most of his professional life.

Birgit Schmuck


Birgit Schmuck (Monheim am Rhein, Germany)
Birgit Schmuck and her husband have been supporting the work of the Förderverein Girassol e.V. for many years. Her strengths lie in the IT sector and web design.

Birgit Schmuck works as an IT representative and office manager in a mechanical engineering office in Hilden, Germany.

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