In mid-2015, the first 20-member group of three-year-olds was welcomed into the newly opened GIRASSOL Kids daycare center. Today, it is a care and learning environment for 75 children. They experience age-appropriate support in a reliable, protected and loving atmosphere. We laugh and play with them, teach and practice the rules of daily life, develop a sense of fellowship in the group, learn through play and train motor skills, celebrate birthdays and other important  events, such as Easter or Christmas. At GIRASSOL we also place a great deal of emphasis on working with the parents. The relatives of "our" children are often people without school education, who often try to solve their problems by using violence. However, they gladly accept the suggestions, recommendations and advice of our teachers, our psychologist and our social worker and often implement them in their entire family.

In accordance with Brazilian legislation, each daycare group (20-25 children) is cared for by one educator and two caregivers all day from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The legislation also requires the employment of a social worker and a psychologist. They select the most needy  children from the large number of applicants for the care places. Not infrequently, these are traumatized boys and girls with behavioral problems or who are lagging behind in their development. They and their families often come from a very difficult background - both young and old receive professional support and attention at GIRASSOL Kids. A small sick bay is available for emergencies. The nurse in charge additionally also conducts workshops for the relatives, addressing topics such as childrens regular medical check-ups, daily hygiene, nutrition and the like.

The kids have a proper breakfast first thing in the morning, a healthy snack during the course of  the morning and afternoon, according to the season, and an evening meal before going home. These meals, as well as their lunch, are prepared daily in the GIRASSOL-kitchen in a fresh, balanced and varied way. Several times a week, bread and pastries are baked in-house - each child gets his or her own birthday-cake!

Since February 2017, with the enrolment of "our" first group of first graders, these children are also cared for by GIRASSOL Kids on a half-day basis from Monday to Friday, including homework supervision, sport, music education, learning-oriented recreational activities, arts and crafts and healthy meals.

It goes without saying that the free daycare (and elementary school) slots are in great demand and we have very long waiting lists.

How SBA informs in Brazil: GIRASSOL Kids

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