In September 2003, the GIRASSOL Pro training center was inaugurated. Made possible by a generous donation from "Sternstunden e.V." we were able to construct a multi-story building and to offer basic vocational training to young people in Grajaú on an area of 875m². Today, every year about 260 youngsters from socially difficult backgrounds are given the opportunity to gain professional qualifications and the choice between courses in tailoring, electronics, bakery, beauty care and administration. Along with their speciific course-related programmes, all students receive instruction in basic English, entrepreneurship (many graduates later become self-employed), and IT skills. The GIRASSOL courses are certified by SENAC  and SENAI  (state vocational training institutions). In addition, our social worker as well as the psychologist are available to the young people, who often come from very difficult, traumatizing social backgrounds, at any time, if needed.

The services are free of charge for the young people and all the courses are heavily oversubscribed, with many more people applying than we can offer places to.

The young people recognize and relish the opportunity to learn the basic skills of a profession, they take advantage of it and complete the training successfully. Many of these young people receive respect and recognition for the first time in their lives and are able to experience that perseverance and achievement are rewarded. This helps to build their self-confidence and gives them the strength, the courage and the foundation, as well as the necessary ambition, to start a self-determined life and to create a law-abiding existence for themselves.

GIRASSOL Pro shows young people how to overcome the lack of perspective of a favela: by honest work done by oneself - to earn a living often also for their families!

How SBA informs in Brazil: GIRASSOL Pro

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