Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What exactly does the Förderverein Girassol e.V. do?

The purpose of the non-profit and charitable association is to ensure the continuity and further development of the social project SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro in São Paulo/Brazil, chiefly by the collection of donations in Germany. The association is recognized by the German tax authorities as a charity and is authorized to issue donation receipts to donors. We are constantly working to increase the visibility of our social project in order to attract new members and/or supporters who, in turn, can help promote our good cause. Virtually all of our work is done on a voluntary basis; our part-time office support person is paid privately.

In addition, we are actively trying to obtain funding from major institutions in order to be able to carry out costly investments that are pending in Brazil. For example, the construction of the GIRASSOL Pro training center was only possible thanks to the generous contribution of Sternstunden e.V. For our recently inaugurated photovoltaic system, we received the basic funds from BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder". In the course of our 21-year association history, more than 4 million euros have been collected, of which every single euro has arrived in Brazil. The Förderverein Girassol e.V. guarantees that 100% of the donations made are received by SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro.

Where is my donation receipt?

Sometimes donors contact us as they have not yet received a receipt for a previous donation. Of course, we may have missed something and actually failed to issue and send the appropriate document. However, in most instances we do not have all the necessary information on hand as required information was not provided when transferring the donation in. In order to be able to issue a donation receipt, we need the complete name and address, in addition to the e-mail address of the donor. If you have provided us with this information correctly, but still have not yet received a receipt, please contact us again and we will make sure the situation is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Can I do an internship at GIRASSOL in São Paulo?

Occasionally we are asked whether it would be possible to do an internship at the SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro in São Paulo/Brazil. Unfortunately, the local situation is not conducive  to allowing young foreigners to do an internship at GIRASSOL. We cannot take responsibility for interns in view of the high local crime rate and poor public transportation. In addition, the need for adequate language skills has often provided a barrier in the past.

Would you help to plan a private event in your favor?

Of course, with pleasure! Quite frequently, events and festivities which are planned by our supporters, are organized for the benefit of SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro. We can give you tips on how to formulate the invitation text in such a targeted manner that it already contains all the necessary information that should be communicated to the guests so that a donation can be made without complications. We can provide you with information material/photos; if desired, and we can personally present the project at your event., if desired Within the scope of our possibilities, we are always ready to help and advise - just get in touch with us!

Can I visit GIRASSOL when I’m next in Brazil?

Yes, of course and with great pleasure! Please contact us for more information! We would be delighted to establish contact with the local team of SBA GIRASSOL Kids/Pro to plan and organize your visit!

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